Upper Neenah Creek Fishery Area

The Upper Neenah Creek Fishery Area was created in 1962 and is about 360 acres.  It's located in New Chester and Jackson Township in Adams County, Central Wi.  This public land area is spread out over 4 locations along Neenah Creek which is also a Class 1 trout stream.  Access points are somewhat limited to roadside parking in most cases with some spots requiring access through the water or private land.  According to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, fishing, hunting, trapping, hiking, birding and photography are all allowed.  This area is also managed for Brown Trout by the Wi. DNR.  The fishery is also home to a wide variety of wildlife such as Whitetail Deer, beaver, eastern wild turkey, grouse woodchucks and squirrels. You will find red oak, white oak, red & white pine, jackpine as well as birch and maple in the sandy lowland soils. Upper Neenah Creek State Fishery Area offers great trout fishing.

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